Fellowship Meals

What is FEAST? Fellowship … Eating … And … Sharing … Together.

FEAST is a gathering of Sunrise adult members for a time of food, fellowship and fun. It’s a great way to get better acquainted with those Sunrise members you already know, or to meet members you don’t know. The FEAST groups meet once a month from September to June at members’ homes or at local restaurants. Three times a year all FEAST groups gather together including the Kickoff FEAST in the fall, Christmas FEAST, and the season finale FEAST in June.

Currently we have four FEAST groups — one meets for Sunday Brunch, one meets at members’ homes, and the other two meet at both homes and restaurants — and we hope to add more members. You may choose to join an existing group, or perhaps you want to start a new group!

Sign-up sheets are available. Contact the church office at (843) 883-3888.

QUESTIONS? Email Chris and Bonny Luthy at bjluthy@gmail.com or call 843-513-8023.